Discover Pre-Owned Lincoln Cars And SUVs At Garbo Lincoln

If you're searching for your next car, we encourage you to check out the fine pre-owned inventory at our Racine dealership. We have a broad selection of vehicles at great prices to provide the car you want while saving money at the same time.

Why Buy a Used Vehicle?

When you get a car, you have the option between a new or used vehicle. Buying a used car saves money while still providing a quality car that you can drive for years to come. The cost savings on a used car start at the time of purchase and continue from there. A used vehicle may cost over 50 percent less compared to its new counterpart if it's five years old or more. Used vehicles also tend to retain their value over time, which means you won't lose as much money if you decide to turn around and sell your car later on. Along with saving money initially, you will enjoy additional cost savings over time after purchasing a used car. Pre-owned vehicles generally cost less than new cars to insure, as insurance rates are based on the car's original price tag. Ongoing fees, including registration fees, are also typically less with a used car compared to a newer one.

Our Preowned Inventory Near Oak Creek And Kenosha

From cars and SUVs to commercial trucks, our dealership has a broad range of used cars. We carry many Lincoln models along with vehicles from other automakers. If you have a specific car in mind, or if you want some ideas for your next ride, don't hesitate to check out our used inventory. You can view our current stock, which is regularly updated, by visiting our virtual showroom online. We are also just a phone call away if you want to give us a ring to see if your favorite vehicle is available near Muskego or Caledonia.

Visit our dealership today for all your used car shopping needs. We also offer used car financing and service